Scientific & Environmental Surveys

Whilst we are not scientists, we have years of experience collecting information for scientists. Southern Tasmanian Diving Services can provide you with the support you need to comply with Environmental Impact surveys or collect data for scientific research:

  • Diving is undertaken to WHS regulations and AS/NZS 2299.1:2015
  • Our divers have decades of scientific diving inexperience
  • Diving is undertaken using equipment appropriate to the job to ensure the safety of the operation (SSBA, SCUBA, full face masks, communications and Nitrox)
  • We can work with scientists to ensure data is obtained professionally and safely

We provide resources to complete the following scientific and environmental diving services :

  • Marine biodiversity surveys
  • Marine invasive pest and biofouling inspections and monitoring
  • Sediment sampling

Southern Tasmanian Diving Services can deploy and operate a range of equipment to compliment these diving activities including diver video and still imagery, core sediment sampling equipment and transects.

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